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Lessons to Teach from the Lance Armstrong Spectacle

Posted on 04 March 2013 by admin

steroidabuse_blogLance Armstrong has been stripped of all 7 Tour de France titles and his Olympic medal, and has been banned from the sport he loves – for life.  After years of denial he now admits to doping and said he was motivated by a “ruthless desire to win”.

VEC presents the following DVDs which explore the subject of doping, the lure, the moral issues and the serious physical and psychological consequences.

Steroid Abuse: Win Now, Lose Later

Steroid abusers are often lured by the promises of athletic success and a “beefed-up” body. As a result, young people who are looking for a short cut to the winner’s circle or for an enhanced physical appearance may give in to the temptation to abuse steroids. In this eye-opening presentation, we will define and describe steroids, and then explore the reasons why people abuse these drugs. Associated health risks that accompany steroid abuse will also be explained. Find out more..

Ripped Apart: Using Supplements

RIPPEDAPART_blogKids are risking serious physical side effects by using supplements in their hurried efforts to get bigger, stronger and faster. Beyond the medical risks, there are issues of fairness and responsibility; does gaining an edge over your competitors through chemistry foster real confidence and a true sense of accomplishment? Find out more..

Drug Abuse Beyond Marijuana & Alcohol: Crossing the Thin Line

crossingthelineToday’s Teens are more likely to abuse prescription and over the counter medications than many other illegal drugs such as Marijuana. This is often referred to as “pharming.” Abuse of these drugs to get “high” is now an entrenched behavior among Teens. Teens are now exposed to powerful mind altering drugs, often impure at an alarming level. Damaging steroid use is often encouraged by role models in society. With the use of these drugs, Teens are damaging their health, experiencing date rape, black outs, becoming unconscious and in some cases, losing their lives. Hear from Real Teens as they discuss their exposure and knowledge of pharmacological drugs and dangerous chemical substances. Find out more and watch online preview

More Than This: Steroid Abuse & Eating Disorders

eatingdisorder_blogIn this program, which features beloved characters old and new, the topic of body image is explored via the twin lens of steroid abuse and eating disorders. Also, emphasized is the importance of doing right by others, even when it’s personally difficult. Find out more..

Steroids: The True Story (Real People)

True personal stories and honestly expressed opinions make for a compelling look at steroid use in high schools. With the help of a moderator to lead discussion and commentary by the Team Physician for the UCLA Athletics Department, this program offers life-saving facts about these deadly drugs. Find out more..


Everybody strives to be a winner, and on the playing field, most athletes do this by exercising and eating right. Unfortunately, steroid use by high school athletes trying to take a short cut and gain an edge is gaining in practice. In Steroids, students examine the use of illegal anabolic steroids and steroidal supplements, profiling case studies that provide a comprehensive overview of the detrimental effects these drugs can have. Vivid animations and expert testimony shed light on what is happening to the mind and body of a steroid user whose quest to look healthier and more fit ends up doing just the opposite. Find out more and watch online preview..

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